About us

Due to new technologies, the legal market is changing faster than ever and challenges are coming from different directions, and in order to stay ahead, Bussab Endres is capable to anticipate what is next. We understand and work together with our clients to develop their business, from innovative startups to giant infrastructure players, and also to solve their legal issues in Brazil.

We have great reputation for understanding and solving our client’s problems before it becomes one, by our straight approach and by delivering close, clear and effective legal advice. Where change brings disruption and opportunities, we are ready to provide legal assistance with excellence.

Whether our clients, both Brazilian and foreigners, are establishing their business, are expanding their activities into new sectors, are raising capital or are dealing with complex corporate matters, regulations and/or disputes, Bussab Endres is capable to assist them.

Why choose Bussab Endres?

  • We are innovative thinkers;
  • We provide tylor made services;
  • We have a straight approach and have practical solutions to solve our client’s needs and/or issues;
  • We have strong relationships and connections in Brazil;
  • We have a multidisciplinary team that works in a coordinated and integrated manner; and
  • We seek for long term relationships with our clients.